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Higher Rents Pose Some Challenges For Newcomers to Saskatchewan

October 21st, 2012

 Is the Rent Really “Too Damn High” in Prince Albert?

Todd Osborne and his family have lived in Hamilton, Ontario since 2006.

He held a job in a warehouse and wants to return to Prince Albert.  The problem is rents are high there.

Years before, he said he rented a place for only around $600 per month. Now rents rents are over $1600 per month!  He might even want rent control.

Hamilton, Ontario tenant Osborne things that wages have not increased compared to the high rents.

What Does the Government Say?

The chair of the P.A. Housing Authority is named Fred Payton.  Mr. Payton said the munipal housing committee was working on ideas to create more affordable housing.

Payton said the government has created a reasonable secondary suite policy for they city and has tried to put funds into social housing.

What Does the Mayor Say?

The Mayor is Jim Scarrow.

Mayor Scarrow explains that it’s not only his city which is struggling with affordable housing.  Thanks to Saskatchewan’s boom there is a lot of immigration to the province.

If Todd Osborne Things the Rent is Too High Here, Then Why Even Come Here?

That’s a good question.


In areas where there is an economic boom, housing prices also increase.  If Osborne wants low rental prices he should go back to economically depressed Hamilton.  No jobs, but lots of rotten places run by bad landlords, and cheap rent.

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