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Saskatchewan Government Increasing Per-Diem Rates for Emergency Shelters

November 12th, 2012

The Focus Is To Develop Relationships With Private Landlords for Safe and Affordable Housing

According to a report in the Leader Post, the provincial government is going to increase the per-diem rates Saskatchewan emergency shelters receive.

Who Does the Funding System Work?

Accommodations and meals are paid for on a per-diem basis to shelters for people requiring temporary emergency shelter. The per diem for families has been increased by providing $28 per child, up to a maximum of five children.

Before this increase, social services provided per diems of $47 for single adults, $62.50 for families and childless couples and $20 per person for meals.

What Do Those On the Front Line Say?

The head of the Regina YWCA said the new funding was appreciated. However, shelters in Regina are still always filled and people in need are turned away nightly.

And there is a need for more affordable housing.

The YWCA director said she want to start assisting her clients to get into private rental housing.

Howver even with all the good landlords out there, there simply isn’t enough rental housing available.

What Does She Recommend?

The director, Elias-Henry, wants to develop good relationships with private landlords.  The goal is to find safe and affordable housing for her clients to get them out of the shelter.

Sounds Like A Good Plan!

Elias-Henry wants to reach out to private landlords so her clients can avoid being homeless and have some stability in their housing needs.

What’s the Problem?

She says nearly half the women in her downtown Regina shelter don’t have permanent housing when they leave.  

Why is That?

It’s impossible to say exactly. Landlords all over do not want to have to act as ‘social workers’ and always worry about getting a Tenant From Hell.

Taking on a tenant with a history of non-payment or mental illness may lead the landlord to lose rent and have a bad situation where they are looking for help for themselves.

It’s an issue that all stake-holders need to discuss and work out a plan that understand the concerns of everyone involved.


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