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Thinking Of Investing In Rental Properties In Saskatchewan? The Boom Is Not Ending Soon (Part 1)

April 2nd, 2013

Saskatchewan landlords economic growth boom in 2013


Investors Across Canada and Around the World are Looking at Rental Property in Saskatchewan

We have received a lot of emails asking us about the benefits of investing in Saskatchewan. These emails are from people from as close as Ontario and as far as Hong Kong and Shanghai, China.

While there are certain problems with the way rental properties are overseen in Saskatchewan, we still say “yes” it’s a good place to invest.

We hope the government realizes that the SKLA is the place international and other province investors come to regarding investing in our province.

For property developer Pacesetter Homes, 2012 was one of the busiest building years that they had ever experienced. Curt Keil, sales and marketing coordinator for the company said that they had exceeded their goals considerably. That doesn’t mean its over for the company however, in fact, they are gearing up for a 2013 which promises to be even busier.

At the moment, Pacesetter Homes have around 25 homes under construction. However, in the near future Curt Keil estimates that this number is going to go up to somewhere between 30 and 40 homes under construction at the same time, which is an absolutely huge amount for the company.

Pacesetter Homes, one of the newest entrants to Regina is not alone. Keil, working in the home building industry for the last thirty years cannot recall a time that has been as busy for home building. In fact, in 2012 the amount of construction permits issued broke an all time record for the area, and it is expected that 2013 will be as good, if not, much better.

It seems that every single day new housing projects get  under way in the area, which is fantastic for the residents as it helps to keep the economy booming. Even better news for residents is that Steve McLellan, CEO if the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce doesn’t see this boom ending any time soon. Landlords all over Canada and around the world are watching carefully.

For landlords and tenants in Saskatchewan and around the world, discuss this and other issues at the free Saskatchewan Landlord Forum where you can network not only with landlords across our province, but across Canada and the world.


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