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Regina Tenants Get a 77% Rent Increase ………….. Then They Don’t

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

March 12th, 2013

 Saskatchewan landlords tenants rent hike


Earlier this month, tenants living in a rental property in Regina were facing rent increases of up to 77%. These tenants went to the media and complained to the government saying they felt like ‘faceless people.’

Upset tenants included senior Pat Colpits who has lived there for nine year and pays $674/month. She said she was shocked to receive the news her rent would increase to $1,195/month on September 1st.

This isn’t the first time landlords and tenants have faced off against rent prices. Colpits added would have to move and believes other tenants would also be forced out because they simply couldn’t afford the new prices.

Colpits and a group of other tenants went to the Saskatchewan legislature to ask for help.

According to a CBC news report, today the tenants received news the rent increases would be stopped.

Landlords are shocked at this result but it’s important to look at what happened.

As explained above, after receiving the rent increase,the tenants began their campaign against it. It became political after the NDP began calling for rent control and the government shot it down.

The new owners of the building were contacted by a quasi-government landlord association. Afterwards, it was stated the property management company that had been hired to manage the building, and who sent out the notices, no longer has that contract. The owners then rescinded the rent increases. They say they will ‘work with’ the buildings tenants on future increases.

We are happy this has worked out and with the owners of the building and the tenants successfully hash out a way that works for all of them.

However some questions do arise out of this.

-Was the property management company made the scapegoat for the rent increases? We wait for their comments.

-Why did the new owners change course so suddenly?

-What did the landlords association say to the building owners?

-How will future increases be implemented as the owners work with the tenants?

Again, we are glad this worked out for the tenants. However, it looks like the issue of rent control is becoming very political. This is something all current landlords and future investors need to keep our eyes on.

To discuss this and other issues facing Saskatchewan landlords and tenants go to the Saskatchewan landlord forum.

Rent Control Hurts Tenants

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

August 3rd, 2012


Landlords and Good Government Agree Rent Control Isn’t For Saskatchewan

What’s Going On?

With all the reports of low vacancy rates and raising rents, some are saying it’s time for Saskatchewan to implement ‘Rent Control’.

Is Saskatchewan Heading for Rent Control?

At a recent meeting of landlords, it was made clear rent controls are not a good idea for our province.

Laurie Wionzek of Boardwalk Rental Communities is opposed to rent controls.  Wionzek stated her opposition is not only because it will harm landlords, but because it will hurt the everyone in the province who appreciates and desires growth and prosperity.

Did She Explain Why?

Yes. Wionzek explained rent controls will lead to landlords not being able to pay to properly maintain rental buildings.  If landlords can’t make enough money it will lead to shabby, non-maintained properties.

What Does the Government Say?

It was nice to see the Minister of Justice Don Morgan attend the meeting.  The Minister stated the government is not in favor of rent control for the province.

What About the Tenant Activists?

The tenant activist community is not as vocal in Saskatchewan as they are in Ontario and British Columbiayet.  In those provinces, tenant activists want the government to punish, fine and even jail landlords who cannot afford to maintain their buildings. In Ontario, the tenant activists have pushed rent control to ridiculous limits.

Fortunately we have a strong, pro-growth government in Saskatchewan.  Landlords only need to look at other provinces to realize how important good government is for growth and prosperity. Let’s all remember that on election day!