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Saskatoon Landlords Have Questions On Recycling Plan

 March 6th, 2013


Saskatoon landlords have concerns now that Saskatoon City is starting a recycling program for about 36,400 apartments, condominiums, and houses. The said program will be managed by Cosmopolitan Industries.

According to Ken Gryschuk, Cosmopolitan Industries’ community relations manager, the program is varied depending on the type of unit, as in more complicated recycling programs are prepared for more complex units.

The program seems to be all set for 2014, as its target year to have it up and running.

However, the landlords of the respective units are still confused with the process. Different queries regarding the recycling process and even the program itself are aired out by people.

Paula Simon is just one of the many who voiced out their confusion with the process. She is a representative of Saskatchewan Rental Housing Industry Association. Being in a rental housing industry, some of the questions Paula Simon aired out were

1. How to teach the tenants to recycle

2. How to segregate the recyclable from the ones that can’t be recycled

3. What to do if and when the possibilities of having the recycled bins mixed with garbage

4. What to do when recyclable items in the recycle bins are being thrown out by dumpster divers trying to find something

It’s not always easy to deal with tenants who don’t want to do extra work at their rental property. It can at times get downright nasty.

Cosmopolitan Industries, however, assured the people that they will be going around the city with public consultation to educate people with the city-wide program. Although the program is a bit raw yet, Cosmopolitan Industries offered to show the people as much information they can.

Two large bins will be placed outside of each house building. Also, smaller bins will be placed in every unit inside the building. Aside from this, other plans are not finalized yet, especially for the more complex buildings.

The association will have a luncheon with the Cosmopolitan Industries, and in this event, Simon is hoping that many unanswered questions and concerns will be addressed.

Saskatoon and other Saskatchewan landlords can discuss this and other issues at the Saskatchewan Landlord Forum.

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