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Tenant Screening Saskatchewan: Credit Checks and Criminal Checks For Tenants

 Nov. 3rd 2013

Tenant Screening Saskatchewan Tenant Credit Checks Tenant Criminal Checks

Saskatchewan Landlords Protect Your Rental Business With Tenant Credit Checks & Tenants Criminal Checks

We’ve written before how our growing economy is helping landlords in Saskatchewan.

A growing economy means more jobs and more people moving to our province.

The means lots of hard-working people are going to need a place to rent.

This is a great opportunity for people to become residential landlords, rent out your property and make monthly cash-flow and profits.

Opportunity, and Challenges

It also means some challenges for landlords.

Most tenants will be quiet, respectful of you and your rental property, and pay the rent.

There are also tenants out there who won’t.

Just in the past couple of months we saw a tenant stay two years without paying the rent and making a nightmare situation for his landlady.

Doesn’t this only happens in Alberta, maybe BC, and in Ontario?

No. While those provinces have their share of bad tenants who do things like not paying the rent or leaving damages behind, we also have bad tenants here.

As the rental market grows and more tenants from other provinces arrive Saskatchewan landlords need to be prepared.

The Way To Make Sure You Rent To Good Tenants

The secret to finding good tenants and avoiding the bad ones is to screen your potential tenants carefully.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation says landlords “should thoroughly research a prospective tenant before making a final decision.”

Make sure you know who you are renting to before you hand over the key.

Anyone can tell you they are the best tenant in the world. Talk is cheap.

1. Tenant Credit Checks

A tenant credit will reveal your potential tenants financial history. It will include information on whether they pay their bills on time and if they are someone you can trust paying rent on time.

2. Tenant Criminal Checks.

A tenant criminal check is self-explanatory. With so many tenants coming from out of provinces, it’s important you learn if they have any criminal behaviour in their past.

How Can I Do A Tenant Credit Check and a Tenant Criminal Check?

The Saskatchewan Landlords Association offers access to inexpensive credit checks and criminal checks for landlords. See our membership options.

Protect yourself, your family, and your rental property with good tenant screening including tenant credit checks and tenant criminal checks.

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