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Saskatchewan lifts suspension on non-urgent evictions

Saskatchewan landlords know how difficult the past several months of been. With the economy hit hard many renters couldn’t (or just refused to) pay rent.

Unlike a group who copied our name because we became popular and they copied us and were eager to sell memberships, we are real local landlords who have “skin in the game” and don’t get a nice, juicy corporate salary to copy our name and “defend landlords”.

Fortunately There Is Great News For Saskatchewan Landlords

The Saskatchewan Government’s suspension of non-urgent evictions is ending on August 4th.

On that day, the province’s Office of Residential Tenancies will be taking eviction applications from landlords for all issues, including non-payment of rent. Tenants will also have to begin paying back overdue rent that was deferred because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Justice Minister and Attorney General Don Morgan says the plan for the original suspension was to make sure people had a place to physically distance and some relief from COVID-19 financial burdens, but with the pandemic’s curve flattening, it was time to begin pre-pandemic rental operations


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