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Saskatoon Landlords: Fake Landlord Arrested

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Saskatoon landlords fake landlord arrested

Good News for Good Saskatchewan Landlord And Good Tenants As Kijiji ‘Fake Landord” Arrested (And Going to Jail!)

It was a while ago but this story form 2013 needs re-telling.

The CTV news report was welcome news to Saskatoon landlords and landlords all over Saskatchewan.

Good landlords know one of the secrets to finding good tenants is trust. 

We don’t mean you should instantly trust your potential tenants.

As we wrote about previously Saskatchewan landlords need to do proper tenant screening, including tenant credit checks, before you rent to somebody. 

Let’s View Things From a Tenant’s Perspective

Most of us have been tenants before at some points in our lives. 

Maybe you were a student studying in another city in the province.

Or you studied in another province and dealt with British Columbia landlords. 

You might have worked in Alberta and rented there.

Or you were originally from Ontario before coming to our province and rented from an Ontario landlord. 

Whatever the case you wanted a good place to move into and a good landlord.

The Kijiji Scam

Tenants Chelsey Streifel and Jill Sherley both were looking for a nice apartment to rent in Saskatoon.

They went to Kijiji and saw a nice place for an affordable rent.

The ‘landlord’ met them. He seemed like a decent guy.

When these prospective tenants met with him he introduced himself as landlord Jason Hartlen and showed them the unit.

Both Streifel and Sherley saw the place (at different times, not together) and wanted the place.

Both of them signed a lease and paid a desposit of $1,100.

They weren’t the only ones.

Black Mold

Everyone who paid a deposit and wanted to move in were told they couldn’t because of problems with black mold in the unit.

Streifel and the others who paid went to the property to see what was going on.

They were shocked to be met by the real landlord who said she was the real owner and recommended Streifel go to the police.

Fake Landlord Found and Charged

A man who scammed dozens of victims by posting fake apartment rental ads on Kijiji will serve an 18-month jail sentence.

Here some of the news reports:

Jason Allen Hartlen pled guilty in Saskatoon provincial court to defrauding 60 victims in Saskatoon, Calgary and Vancouver of a total $80,000.

He was arrested in May after posting an ad on Kijiji about an apartment for rent. He met with multiple prospective renters and took $1,100 deposits from them before disappearing with the money.