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Real Saskatchewan Landlords Association Asks: Did Your Tenants Pay May 1st Rent?

Friday, May 1st, 2020

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How Can Saskatchewan Landlords Succeed in 2018?

Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Saskatchewan landlords success 2016 tenant screening credit checks

Be a Pro-Active Landlord To Rent to Great Tenants (and Avoid Renters Who Manipulate the System!)

The story from Serial squatter strikes again in Regina, stiffing another landlord was one every Saskatchewan landlord fears and hopes never happens to them. It was a story of a tenant who knows how to “manipulate the system” in order to rip off small residential landlords. You know, small family landlords like you.

The renter was actually a squatter who moved in and then refused to pay rent. He used the legal system to rip off 4 different residential landlords over a period of two years.

CBC Investigation

After the CBC did an investigation of this serial squatter who refused to pay rent he moved out and quickly rented another property from a Regina landlord.

How Can Renters Avoid Paying Rent?

Tricky renters know how to manipulate the system. This is how it worked for this bad tenant:

1. Landlord didn’t do proper checks and rented to this tenant

2. Once in the rental property he refused to pay rent

3. The landlord who didn’t get rent gave the tenant an eviction notice

4. Tenant appeals the eviction notice to the Saskatchewan Office of Residential Tenancies

5. Renter loses the Appeal

6. Renter then appeals to the Court of Queen’s Bench

7. Renter loses this appeal (yet actually wins by delaying the eviction)

8. Renter goes to the Court of Appeal

9. Renter is denied

10 He finally moves out…without paying rent

Do you see how the system is easy to use to delay paying rent? If you rent to type of tenant you are vulnerable to the same type of tactics to avoid paying you a cent of rent!

These types of tenants exist and not only in Saskatchewan. Alberta landlords often face bad tenants who cost them thousands of dollars. The system is often abused by trick renters to rip off Ontario landlords.

And with prices so high (and their mortgage so high) BC landlords know renting to one bad person can destroy their finances.

How Can I Protect Myself From Bad Tenants?

While some groups want the government to do everything, successful and experienced landlords know you must rely on yourself.

Screen your tenants carefully, including a credit check, before renting to them. A credit check will not only show you their credit score, it will show you past addresses so you can go talk to former landlords to get the REAL STORY.

Even after this renter ripped off four landlords, he quickly found another. Do not be the next victim of a serial bad tenant.

Saskatchewan landlords success in 2018

We are real landlords and not bureaucrats taking a salary to “represent” you. Even if they copy our name and are worried about keeping their jobs.

Join us and start running credit checks to protect yourself, your family, your rental property and your wallet. Rent to good tenants and avoid the professional renters who manipulate the system.

Join our growing network of landlords across Canada who are working together for success. 

Are More Investors Getting Ready to Invest in Saskatoon?

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Saskatchewan landlords Canada landlordsThe city has already seen a lot of capital from other parts of the country come to Saskatoon and invest in rental property.

Is this just the beginning?

There could be a huge surge in investment as news gets out about rising rents in the city.

A report by the CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) shows that rents for a typical 2-bedroom rental rose from around $600 per month in 2006 to over $1000 per month now.

This type of rent increase surely upsets local tenants.

On the other hand, it will certainly lure investors in other areas where rents are flat, such as what Manitoba landlords face.

House Prices Are Also Rising

It’s not just rents that are rising.

In a survey by Royal-LePage average prices have risen:

1. 2 story house

A typical 2 story house has risen in price to $393,500 which is a 2.5% increase already this year.

2. Condo

A standard condo is up by almost 1.5% so far in 2014.  The average price is now $265,000.

Investors From All Over Canada Have Their Eyes on Saskatoon

Most Canada landlords are facing very high prices to enter the rental property market or buy more properties.

Relatively low prices, rising rents, and rising prices means there could be some big changes in our rental market in 2014.

Higher Rents Pose Some Challenges For Newcomers to Saskatchewan

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

October 21st, 2012

 Is the Rent Really “Too Damn High” in Prince Albert?

Todd Osborne and his family have lived in Hamilton, Ontario since 2006.

He held a job in a warehouse and wants to return to Prince Albert.  The problem is rents are high there.

Years before, he said he rented a place for only around $600 per month. Now rents rents are over $1600 per month!  He might even want rent control.

Hamilton, Ontario tenant Osborne things that wages have not increased compared to the high rents.

What Does the Government Say?

The chair of the P.A. Housing Authority is named Fred Payton.  Mr. Payton said the munipal housing committee was working on ideas to create more affordable housing.

Payton said the government has created a reasonable secondary suite policy for they city and has tried to put funds into social housing.

What Does the Mayor Say?

The Mayor is Jim Scarrow.

Mayor Scarrow explains that it’s not only his city which is struggling with affordable housing.  Thanks to Saskatchewan’s boom there is a lot of immigration to the province.

If Todd Osborne Things the Rent is Too High Here, Then Why Even Come Here?

That’s a good question.


In areas where there is an economic boom, housing prices also increase.  If Osborne wants low rental prices he should go back to economically depressed Hamilton.  No jobs, but lots of rotten places run by bad landlords, and cheap rent.